Fishing Lights LED 80000Lm 800W 3000K 4500K 6000K3
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Fishing Lights LED 80000Lm 800W 3000K 4500K 6000K

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Fishing Lights The best collection of fish color temperature and
high brightness, high permeability fish collection products.
The excellent fish collection effect and quality have been recognized by fishermen.
50% less power consumption than traditional metal halide lamps
Brightness is 3 times that of traditional metal halide lamps
Service life up to 10,000 hours

-Suitable for fish-collecting color temperature and high-brightness light source.
-High flux permeability, explosion-proof quartz bulb, UV isolation and no tanning.
-High economic efficiency, high purity wick, long service life.
-The luminous efficiency power reaches up to 97.44Lm/W with very little power loss.
-Suitable for ocean fishing boats, fishing boats, squid, ocean fishing boat.
-THD less than 10% has no effect on the communication and
 navigation equipment on board.
-No need for ballast, transformer, driver.
LED fishing light TW800WY

Brand: TaiwanWhite®
Model: TW800WY, TW800WN, TW800WR
Type: LED fishing lights, fishing lights
Voltage: 220V-280V 50/60Hz
Power: 800W
Luminous flux: 80000Lm
Beam angle: 110∘
Light-emitting chip: Bridgel Lux SMD3030 x 888pcs
Light color: Yellow light, Nature light, White light
Color temperature: 3000K 4500K 6000K

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