ozone machine ozone generator ozone disinfection in addition to room deodorization sterilization O3 in addition to formaldehyde odor removal of smoke and odor in the car3
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ozone machine ozone generator ozone disinfection in addition to room deodorization sterilization O3 in addition to formaldehyde odor removal of smoke and odor in the car

Taiwanwhite 3000mg ozone machine ozone generator ozone disinfection in addition to room deodorization sterilization O3 in addition to formaldehyde odor removal of smoke and odor in the car OZONE ozone deodorizer deodorizer in addition to smoke machine
Price NT$ 4,500

Special Offer NT$ 3,990

Buying an air filter? Whether to consider purchasing an ozone machine
first to remove odors Buying fragrances that are chemically synthesized
in the interior or in the car? Whether to consider using an ozone machine
first to remove smoke and odors The smell of cooking wafting from the
kitchen downstairs, the musty smell of sweat in the helmet, the chemical
solvent of inkjet printer and printing machine Volatile smell, remove musty
smell, miscellaneous smell and peculiar smell in the cabin and room,
the first choice for disinfection and sterilization at any time – Ozone Machine
The smell of musty and dry clothes, body odor, and the smell of garlic and
onion coming out of the sewer pipe, I just want to get rid of it.
The smell of ectopic is really a natural solution. Install the [ozone machine]
to start it in time or disinfect it regularly. Eternal health.

Taiwanwhite O3 ozone machine is specially made to order from the original
110V 60Hz and has been tested for a long time. and use,
I feel that it should be the most economical and safest model in the market.
It has a record of actual use effect.
Instantly eradicate the stench and odor that cannot be wiped away.
The CP quality is very high, and it is economical and cost-effective.
High concentration 3gm/hr super deodorant
The ability to deodorize and sterilize, combined with the power off switch
that will not exceed the concentration for 120 minutes,
ensures the safety of use.
There are also ozone generators suitable for various industries,
which can be matched on a case-by-case basis.

Power supply voltage: 110V/60Hz
Ozone production: 3 grams per hour (3000mg/hr)
Rated power: 65W
Cooling method: air cooling
Body shell: stainless steel 304
Body size: 35x17x20 cm
Applicable space: 7.26---30.25 ping (24~100M² square meter)
(1 M² one square meter = 0.3025 ping)

Ozone machine performance
Quickly purify the air: the ions of ozone are negatively charged,
the stench is mostly positively charged, and the ozone After being
combined with it (ion combination), it can quickly and effectively
decompose and eliminate the smell of smoke, ammonia, formaldehyde,
Toluene, fishy smell, wine smell, musty smell, carbon dioxide...etc.

Sterilization and detoxification

ozone with a specific concentration can oxidize and decompose the cell
membrane of bacteria to achieve sterilization Effect. Remove bacteria,
buds, fungi, viruses, etc. from the air to avoid infection.
The way of ozone sterilization is to quickly destroy and oxidize the
cell membrane of bacteria to achieve the effect of decomposing bacteria.
Viruses are made up of proteins, RNA, and DNA.
Ozone can decompose its RNA and DNA.

Anti-mold and fresh-keeping: can effectively inhibit the effect of
yeast and mold, prolong the life of meat, seafood, vegetables and
fruits Edible time.

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free:
Ozone will be rapidly reduced to oxygen at room temperature,
and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment Pollution.
At room temperature, ozone O3 will be reduced to oxygen O2 in about
30 seconds, and the higher the temperature
The reduction speed of ozone O3 is faster.

Uniform diffusion: This machine adopts ball bearing cooling fan design,
which can quickly and evenly spread to the surrounding of the space.
The effect is excellent. Unlike other brand models, the airflow is small
and the diffusion is uneven.

Efficient and lightweight: The ozone output concentration is
3gm/hour (3000mg/hr), which can effectively shorten the purification time.
Time, light and easy to move, 120 minutes off timer, turn clockwise to
set the off time, Timed shutdown, easy to operate.
With 17 cm and 2 wall hanging holes, it can be used for fixed hanging.

Ceramic discharge: Adopt micro-gap dielectric barrier discharge design
to improve performance and stability.

Vehicle deodorization:
Start the internal circulation of the air conditioner in the car,
and completely remove the smoke and odor in 15 minutes.

Stainless steel body: 304 stainless steel body, durable .
The recommended use time of the ozone machine can be adjusted
according to the actual situation, and the time and frequency of
deodorization and sterilization can be adjusted.
Kitchen deodorization: 10-15 minutes
New house decoration paint furniture smell: 60-120 minutes
Deodorization and deodorization: 20-30 minutes
Bathroom toilet: 10-15 minutes
Restaurant cafe: 25-30 minutes
Hotel: 60-120 minutes
Limousine and minibus: 15-20 minutes
Beauty Salon SPARK: 120 minutes
Bar KTV: 90 minutes
Fitness Center: 90 minutes
★ Improper use of ozone machine O3 is harmful to human body.
The most important thing to note is that people and animals need
to be evacuated when using in confined spaces.
If you feel uncomfortable in your nose or throat when using it,
you should shorten the time next time you use it. or away from the site of use.

★Professional ozone output performance: can remove uncomfortable
odors and polluting gases Ozone is known to remove harmful formaldehyde
released from finishing materials and furniture. The use of ozone can
effectively combat various polluting gases and unpleasant odors.

★Industrial application scope of ozone O3: hotel rooms, motels,
homestay rooms, KTV boxes, Gym, Club, Guest House, Recreation Room,
PUB, Nightclub, Cinema, Pull K, Restaurant, Teppanyaki, Steakhouse,
hot pot restaurant, spicy pot, barbecue restaurant, barbecue restaurant,
roast duck restaurant, roasted coffee bean restaurant, hot fried restaurant,
Lamb stove, bakery, vegetable and fruit supply center, warehouse, toilet,
clothes and pickles, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, kitchen, Salad bar, refrigerator,
freezer, next to garbage bags, baby puff, studio, school, kindergarten,
Kindergarten, pet store, library, storage room, pet store, traditional market,
meat market, central kitchen, Fishing market, refrigerated vehicles,
automobiles, cars, car body beauty, cruise ship cabins, sea fishing cabins,
industrial waste gas treatment, Plant surface pest and disease treatment,
food processing plants, plastic recycling plants, leather processing plants,
chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Deodorization in feed industry,
textile industry...etc. Taiwan White's ozone machines are all covered by
the original one-year after-sale warranty.

The benefits of ozone can be referred to the Internet
"Ozone Therapy"
has been discussed by many MDs and prophets,
and the effect is outstanding.

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