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Tuya remote switch system factory remote control warehouse rolling door switch

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Tuya remote switch system factory remote control warehouse rolling door switch
Mobile phone without borders long-distance Siri voice-activated
warehouse rolling door AI switch wifi mobile phone voice-activated warehouse
garage door Tuya remote switch system
remote control warehouse roll door switch on, off and stop.


Mobile phone voice control without borders long-distance Siri voice-activated


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AI graffiti wifi mobile phone voice-activated remote switch

Tuya Garage Roller Door Switch:

Up and stop, open and close
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Rated current: 10A
Rated voltage: 100-240V
Ambient temperature: -20- 60
Shell material flame retardant PC ABS
Switch size: 120x72x thickness 9mm
Type: smart switch
Weight: 155gm
Wiring Type: Screw
Terminals Working Voltage: 100~240VAC 50/60Hz
Maximum current: 10A
Load power: ≦1000W
Maximum power: 2400W
Mobile APP: Tuya has no borders, infinite distance (as long as there is a network)
Panel size: length 120mm X width 72mm X thickness 9mm
Wiring base (into switch box) dimension length 71mm X width 48mm X height 25mm

Directly pull the 110V or 220V or electric rolling door motor power supply,
connect them to the leftmost N neutral wire terminal and the live wire L respectively,
and then connect them from left to right: Neutral line N, Live line L, Go up line K1,
Stop line Nc, Collinear line Com, Anti-stop line No, Go down line K2

For safety reasons, please be sure to turn off (unplug) the power supply during the
installation process.
Do not wire according to the color of the wire, it must operate according to the original
switch function (Online, Offline, Stop line, collinear line Com)
Contrast the wiring of the terminals marked on the plastic case of the Tuya switch:
Neutral line N, live line L, go up line K1, stop line Nc, collinear line Com,
anti-stop line No, go down line K2

Use the original switch as a backup switch; it is advisable to use additional connecting
wires, and when changing wires, please move only one wire at a time.
After the replacement is completed, the other line is moved to avoid the wrong connection
of the new switch after it is completely removed.
You can also use a multi meter to find out the power line and the function of each line.
YouTube search for "roller door motor switch installation".

Public line to Com、 Go up to K1、 Go down to K2.
If the actual situation is the opposite, it is necessary to exchange it.
Nc is connected to Stop (choose one of Nc and No) ,
But when you press Stop to start the Open action, you must change the Stop line to No.
K1 K2 and NcNo, if the actual situation is opposite, should be exchanged use.
There are two kinds of pause button Stop:
Nc:Normally Closed type and
No:Normally Open type, both choose the wiring according to the motor type,
if you are not sure about the motor type, you can try both.

Download Tuya, Smart Life remote mobile phone Siri voice-activated remote switch
system, the mobile phone automatically controls the electric iron rolling door to open,
close, and stop.
Chooses the Tuya control system 99% of electric garage rolling doors are available without wiring.
To install the address of this smart electric garage rolling door switch, click on the
smart electric garage rolling door on the phone screen (On/Off) or (Up/Stop) button,
you can realize Siri voice control, remote control and Control switch warehouse rolling
door without borders.
Tuya Graffiti Smart Life supports Apple Siri in a networked environment up to the
borderless mobile phone voice control, hand control click switch, lighting, major
appliances, small appliances, kitchen appliances, Security sensing, sports health, video
surveillance, gateway central control, energy saving, education and entertainment,
television, picture book reader...etc.
Tuya Smart Life supports both Android 8 and IOS 15.4 Ultra-long-range mobile phone
voice control (LA USA company controls the garage rolling door switch of Taiwan factory
and warehouse) or (NEW YORK, USA controls the switch of the warehouse rolling door
in the warehouse in California, USA).
Each garage rolling door setting point can be named freely (for Siri voice control)
The mobile phone can support 4G and Wifi, remote control WiFi wireless garage
rolling door switch.


To confirm whether the load is available, please refer to the electrical specifications
Power (P) = V * I = 110V * 10A = 1100 watts (W) If the input AC110V maximum
Load current 10A x 110VAC = 1100 watts (W) If the input AC220V maximum
Load current 10A x 220VAC = 2200 watts (W) If the required load exceeds the
maximum load
60%, please install a Magnetic Switch The electromagnetic switch
 (Magnetic Contactor electromagnetic contactor) is used as the load end.
American electrical specifications socket plug voice control mobile phone control

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