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FFP2 3D three-dimensional mask five-layer protective color folding mask KN95 dustproof factory site use EU recognized mask single-piece packaging one-piece-one bag hygienic seal safe pollution-free

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One piece, one bag, one piece packaging
This auction is for Taiwan stock (2 boxes of FFP2 total 50 pieces)
The price of FFP2 single-piece packaging 25 pieces (bag) x 2 boxes EXW
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General masks have gradually become unable to block
high infectivity intensity
South African mutated virus and
the dreaded Omicorn mutated strains
BA.1 BA.2 BA.4 & BA.5

FFP2 is the safety masks required to be worn by European countries and
the anti-epidemic masks required to enter the EU 3D three-dimensional
hot air cotton and non-woven skin-friendly layer, easy to breathe, not stuffy,
more breathable and more comfortable than the national team.

The product model, specification, CE4163, and EU certification are
stamped with hot-melt steel in the sterile room and formed in one piece.
Avoid one more (time) chemical ink printing pollution process, and
use it hygienically and safely.
According to the resolution of the meeting of the German government
on February 10, 2021, once in "risk, high infection rate and variant virus
" Passengers staying in "regional countries/regions" must wear surgical masks
or EU FFP2 or China KN95 masks, three-layer or cloth masks are not qualified.
The FFP2 mask is the European standard N95 and
the bacterial filtration rate
of medical masks is about 95%.
FFP2 3D Face Mask 3D Facial Protective Mask (FFP2 Mask EU certified mas

1 piece and 1 bag are packaged in the original aseptic environment
to avoid contamination before opening.
"Brand New" Guarantee that is easy to store, clean and safe to use
Mask size: 15.5cm*10.5cm
Nose clip size: 10cm*0.6cm
Nose clip material: metal
Color: white, black, pink, rose red, bright red, orange, lake blue, sky blue, purple, gray
Products comply with EU standards: EN149 : 2001+A1 : 2009
This is the EU standard FFP2 mask Compliant with EU Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE) 2016/425 regulations, implementing standard
EN149 : 2001+A1 : 2009 EU CE1463 + Germany EUA +
DEKRA certification + US FDA + Russia 2JI/H-02.07/20
The product has passed the SVHC test and complies with EU REACH regulations.
Actual sales in the EU: Dutch customs 500,000 FFP2 import declarations
Customs number 231720210171507744
Product Name: 5 layer Facial Protective Mask (FFP2 3D Stereoscopic Mask)
Place of Origin: Wenzhou, China
Main ingredient materials: five(5) layers of melt blown cloth,
hot air cotton, non-woven fabric (two layers of protection more
than the general three-layer mask);
The first layer: 60 grams of 2S non-woven fabric to block droplets and dust
The second layer: 25 grams of melt blown cloth,
ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can effectively use static
electricity to absorb virus dust and droplets

The third layer: 45 grams of hot air cotton, heat insulation,
moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and improve wearer comfort

The Fourth layer: 25 grams of melt blown cloth,
ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth,
which can effectively use static
electricity to absorb virus dust and droplets

The fifth (5) layer: 25 grams of 2S non-woven fabric, blocking
droplet dust, absorbing exhaled heat, skin-friendly and comfortable

Measure/sale quantity/sale specification: 1 box of 25 pieces, 1 order of 2 boxes
Date of manufacture: 2022 Apr. 06
Importer Name: Mexa Co., Ltd.
Importer Tel: 02-23657700
Importer's Address: 3rd Floor, No. 128, Guling Street, Zhongzheng District,
Taipei City, Taiwan
Unified Tax number: 05002668
Bureau of International Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Mask import permit number: FTXM10W0061327