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BBS RS 16" turbofan Bremsenlüfter turbo wheel fans Turbolüfter Lüfterräder 1825072GC

$24000 $19930

RS 16" turbofan Bremsenlüfter turbo wheel fans Turbolüfter Lüfterräder

This is an order for a set of 4pcs wheel Turbo Fans 16" - 1825072GC
16" Turbofan Black with Gold mesh type C+3BBS Center Bore 72mm

Black engineering plastic made 16 inches turbofan top faceplate with
custom-made special silk printed mesh type C and or mesh vinyl appliance
A , B,
BPBP or your own picture and favor drawing(order separately).
There are two types of mounting flange.
One for RS wheel, the fan is screw mounted by
the 09.24.155 original  big hex center nut.
The other one is fixed on flat surface of the wheel center
by three little bolts, this patented installation option will come later.

Turbofan is an exact chrome of BBS original turbofan 18.25.072
fit mostly small bore 16" RS
1825072 15"-16” turbofan specification:
- Faceplate Diameter 34cm and about 3cm High.
- Fins Diameter 36.80cm.
- Center Bore 72mm
15”-16” turbofan has 2 size Center Bore 58mm 1825004 or 72mm 1825072
make sure the center hole size 58 or 72 before placing order.

A set of 4pcs 1825072GC US$699 via speedpost EMS or UPS
1)From above Fin’s Size/Diameter 36.80cm check
whole turbofan can be seat in your 15” and 16” wheel.
2) Use original center big hex cap 09.24.155. screw lock the turbofan.
3) What is your BBS RSnnn Number (RS001- RS329)
which was engraved on the center lug nut bolt plate area.
4) Turbofan has bellowing print options :
1825072WP 15”/16” White turbofan Plain White Without Printing.
1825072BP 15”/16" Black turbofan Plain Black Without Printing.
1825072GC 15”/16" Black turbofan with Gold mesh type C+3BBS
1825072SC 15”/16" White turbofan with Silver mesh type C+3BBS
P.S. Installation:
Remove center cap’s aluminum plate, keep and use
the center big hex cap to screw on turbofan.
See Youtube Link:

Not BBS RS installation:

a.) You can drill 4/5 holes on turbofan to screw on
     your wheel (4/5 spacer holes) which between 4/5 lug nut holes.
b.) An easy way to install turbofan is:
     just drill your steel wheel to screw on turbofan.
c.) If you don’t want to spoil your wheel and can't use original
     big hex center cap to screw on this turbofan, and don’t have
     a big enough machine to thread center bore.
     Then you can ask a mechanic to CNC lath your 4/5 (M12x1.25) lug nut
     bolt head Top Center with a M6 or M8 bolt thread hole to
     screw on turbofan.
     Some times can use wheel stud conversion kit to revise conical seat
     wheel bolt for modify to (Example:M12x1.25) lug nut fitment
d.) We had marked all PCD 98 – 130 for 4/5 lug nut holes on the
      turbofan center mounting area, so you can drill
      those holes PCD vvv x4/5LuNuts that you needed accordingly.
- Turbofans, Brake-Cooling for RS Wheels, cover to the wheel rim
- Turbofan 4 x Wheel Fans – rare, brand new and exclusive
- In Motorsport for the cooling brakes through fins, sport-look
- All made of GFK glasfaserkable engineering plastic.
- Faceplate Diameter 34cm and about 3cm High
- Fins Diameter 36.80cm
- Center Bore 72mm
- Weight ±480gm
- It fits perfectly for RS 16"
- Mounted by the original big hex center nut 09.24.155.
- Add $60 Your own logo print on vinyl bbs rs Location is available
- A set of(4) pieces, a set of 4pcs 16" turbo fans.
Worldwide Free shipping.
- Shipping via UPS/EMS 7-14days door to door service

Originally these accessories where made to fit to the face of the
RS wheel in place of the waffle. 
The use of the fans was to circulate air around the brakes to help cooling
and to prevent brake fade.  
part # 18.25.072
Don't miss out, and be the envy of your friends with the rarest of the rare. 

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