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AKA HALON2 Reflex 2 automatic fire extinguishing system can be installed on the car in advance to quickly and automatically extinguish fires

$28000 $12000

Automatic put out fire
Automobile automatic fire extinguisher AKA HALON2
fire detection tube fire extinguishing system.
In places prone to fires and in narrow spaces, the AKA HALON2 automatic fire
extinguishing system can be installed at anywhere in advance to quickly and
automatically extinguish fires.

The AKA HALON automatic fire extinguisher AKA HALON2 is pre-installed
with a red plastic fire detection tube.
When a fire breaks out in the installation pipeline area, the pipeline there will
automatically spray out HALON gas to extinguish the fire immediately
when it ruptures due to high temperature.
The AKA HALON2 red plastic fire detection tube is pre-arranged to
automatically extinguish the fire in 3 seconds in case of fire.

AKA HALON2 is a transparent colorless liquid at room temperature and pressure.
When the temperature is higher than 49℃, it will be in gas form and follow the
temperature of the fire source to extinguish the fire. It will not leave any residue
after extinguishing the fire, is non-conductive and can continue the original work...
ancient books, famous paintings and paper documents
There is no damage when immersed in AKA HALON fire extinguishing agent,
helping to protect valuable paper documents and electronic products.

5P 2000ml is the dosage required for large trucks in road traffic regulations
and is suitable for general vehicle fire extinguishing.

AKA HALON2 does not damage electronic equipment, is non-corrosive,
non-conductive, clean and leaves no residue.
There is no residue after use, no need for foam or dry powder fire extinguishing
agents, and the tragic situation after use can be quickly resume work and continue to
perform current affairs, that is, after the AKA HALON extinguishes the fire, if the car
can still start, you can drive away from the scene and quickly go to the garage.

AKA HALON2 is harmless to humans and animals. It is liquid under normal
temperature and pressure and will not burn or explosion, very suitable for fire
prevention and fire extinguishing in narrow spaces. Suitable for computer rooms,
communication rooms, transportation vehicles, engines, ships, cruise ships,
aerospace, airplanes, supercars, cars, school buses, buses, tour buses, trucks,
museums, archives, paint room, archive room, relay room, distribution room,
electrical cabinet, power supply control room, engine turbine room and
electrical discharge machine tools...etc.

AKA HALON FK-5-1-12 is a new type of environmentally friendly, efficient and
clean fire extinguishing agent that does not damage the ozone layer.
It is used to replace Halon [1994 International Convention stipulates zero production
and zero consumption of Halon fire extinguishing agent].
Ozone depletion potential (ODP) is 0
Global warming potential GWP is 1
Atmospheric residual time ALT is 5 days (0.014 years)

Model: FK-5-1-12
Main ingredient: C6F12O
Content capacity: 2L - 5P - 2m
Type: FK-A51120 clean fire extinguisher
Accumulation pressure: Nitrogen 13.70±0.7kgf/cm²
High pressure hose: 6mm 30 meters
Pressure switch: Euroswitch (1-10Bar optional)
Dimensions: 15.36” x 4.33” (bottle height 39cm x width 11cm x bottle diameter 11cm)
Total weight: 2.70-2.95kg
Injection time:
20 seconds
Spray distance:
3 meters
Hydrostatic test: 28 kgf/cm²
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Dielectric strength:
Fire-fighting performance: A, B, C, D, F and K
Validity period: 20 years
Production date: marked on the bottom of the s.s. bottle
Manufacturer's name: Mexa Co., Ltd.
Factory registration certificate number: 67-00-3434
Telephone: (02)23657700

UL authorized:
FM Approved: Approvals Listing Class:5613

Cylinder CNS10006 G2167-84 ASTM A240-17 UNS
Stainless Steel 316 Main Valve
AKA Halon Pressure Gauge 50kgf/cm
Tube Connector Valve G1/8-OD6*ID4
Tube Connector And Line End connector G1/8*3
Detecting Tube OD6*ID4*25 Meters
Euro Pressure Switch 4122G11 Stainless Steel/4120G11 Steel-Chrome
Extinguisher Agent FK-5-1-12 (Novec 1230)

AKA HALON2 FK-5-1-12 Clean Agent
Length Of Tube Included 25m
AKA Halon2 Replace Reflex2

Automatic shutdown detection system
Extinguishing agent FK-5-1-12Novec1230
Propellant: Nitrogen N2
Operating pressure: 15 bar
Extinction detection tube: 25M
Operating temperature: -30
/ +40

1. S.S. Direct Valve
2. Siphon Tube PE
3. S.S. Cylinder 2L
4. Red Flex Tube
5. Euroswitch Fire Start
Exworks Price Including Only Cylinder and S.S.Valve
US$299 EUR282 (NT$9600)

Exworks Price Including Tube, Pressure Switch, End Of Line, S.S.Valve
US$399 EUR294 (NT$10000)

Spare Components And Accessories Extra:
End of line 6mm EUR3.60 US$3.82
Fast Connector 6mm EUR3.40 US$3.60
Fast Connector 6mm EUR3.40 US$3.60
Y Union Fast Connector 6mm EUR3.80 US$4.03
T Union Fast Connector 6mm EUR3.80 US$4.03
Red Tube Per Meter OD6*ID4 EUR7.00 US$7.44
AKA Pressure Gauge 30kgf/cm² EUR19.00 US$20.18
On Line Pressure Switch No/Nc 6mm EUR8.00 US$10.00