https://www.taiwanwhite.com/contact.html Mexa Co., Ltd. https://www.taiwanwhite.com/images/corpimg.png 3F., No. 128 Gu Ling Street, Taipei, Taiwan 100 $ 02-2365-7700 FIRE EXTINGUISHER MANUFACTURER Fire Extinguisher - AKA Halon Novec 1230 FK-5-1-12Fire Extinguisher - Water Halon FIRE EXTINGUISHER WATERWATER HALONWater Halon use (97% pure drinking water + 3% S-3-AB fire extinguishing agent) non-toxic, The stainless steel bottle is resistant to high pressure (deformation pressure 8Mpa). When the water Halon fire extinguisher is sprayed, it is in the form of water mist, which instantly evaporates a large amount of heat in the fire field and reduces the temperature. Suppress heat radiation, surfactants can quickly form a water film on the surface of the burning material to isolate oxygen, reduce the temperature rapidly to achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing. Water Halon fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, easy to clean up after extinguishing and the agent can be 100% degraded.Will not pollute the sprayed objects and the surrounding environment.Efficient flame retardant, strong re-ignition resistance, high permeability andfast fire extinguishing speed.FIRE EXTINGUISHER Halon Novec 1230 FK-5-1-12AKA HALON Fire Extinguisher Novec 1230 FK-5-1-12 AKA HalonFire Extinguisher ManufacturerStainless Steel 304L Bottled AKA Halon FK-5-1-12 is no corrosive, has good insulating property, never damages electronic equipment, precision instruments, paper documents,cultural relics and antiques, generates no residue after use, and may substitute for sprinkler system, and dry chemical and foam extinguishing system to protect the high-valued assets. FIRE EXTINGUISHER AKA HALON PRE-DEFENSE CAR FIREFIRE EXTINGUISHER AKA HALON PRE-DEFENSOR FK-5-1-12 Novec 1230FIRE EXTINGUISHER AKA HALON FOR MRIFIRE EXTINGUISHER AKA HALON PRE-DEFENSE CENTENNIAL PLAQUE FK-5-1-12 extinguishing agent has excellent extinguishing characteristics and it can put out Type A, B and C fire, is non-conductive and after ejection it fast evaporates without any residue. Its extinguishing concentration is 3.5% and 4.5% for Type A or Type B fire, which mostly approaches that of halon extinguishing agent. FK-5-1-12 clean extinguishing agenthas good environmental harmony, and its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is 0, Global Warming Potential (GWP) <1.0, and the Atmospheric Life Time (ALT) is 0.014 year BBS RS turbofan replicas turbo fans Bremsenlüfter Wheel Fans Turbolüfter Lüfterräder Turbofan is an exact chrome of BBS original turbofan 18.25.004 and18.20.027 Fit mostly small bore 15”-16” and 17”-18” BBS RS1825004 15"-16” turbofan specification:- Faceplate Diameter 34cm and about 3cm High.- Fins Diameter 36.80cm.- Center Bore 58mm or 72mm1825004 15”-16” turbofan has 2 size Center Bore 58mm or 72mmmake sure the center hole size 58 or 72 before placing order.http://www.autopure.com/Turbofan.htmA set of 4pcs 1825004SC via speedpost EMS or UPS worldwide free shipment door to door 10 - 20days service1820027 17”-18” turbofan specification as bellowing:- Faceplate Diameter 38cm (15")and about 4cm High- Fins Diameter 42.40cm (16.68")- Center Bore 72mmhttp://www.autopure.com/Turbofan17.htmA set of 4pcs 1820027 via speedpost EMS or UPS worldwide free shipment door to door 10 - 20days service1)From above Fin’s Size/Diameter 36.80cm/42.40mm check whole turbofan can be seat in your 15”/16”, 17” and 18” wheel.2) Use original center big hex cap 09.24.155. screw lock the turbofan.3) What is your BBS RSnnn Number (RS001- RS329) which was engraved on the center lug nut bolt plate area.4) Tturbofan has bellowing print options :1825004WP 15”/16” White turbofan Plain White Without Printing.1825004BP 15”/16" Black turbofan Plain Black Without Printing.1825072GC 15”/16" Black turbofan with Gold mesh type C+3BBS 1825072SC 15”/16" White turbofan with Silver mesh type C+3BBS1820027WP 17” White turbofan Plain White Without Printing.1820027BP 17” Black turbofan Plain Black Without Printing.1820027GC 17” Black turbofan with Gold mesh type C+3BBS 1820027BSC 17” Black turbofan with Silver mesh type C+3BBS1820027WP 17” White turbofan Plain White Without Printing.1820027PP 17” White turbofan with red BBS-PORSCHE-BBS-PORSCHE1820027SC 17” White turbofan with Silver mesh type C+3BBP.S. Installation:Remove center cap’s aluminum plate, keep and use the center big hex cap to screw on turbofan. See Youtube Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-PB_Kjw6OYNot BBS RS installation:http://www.autopure.com/Turbofan%20SteelWheel.htm a.) You can drill 4/5 holes on turbofan to screw on   your wheel (4/5 spacer holes) which between 4/5 lug nut holes.b.) An easy way to install turbofan is:   just drill your steel wheel to screw on turbofan.c.) If you don’t want to spoil your wheel and can't use original   big hex center cap to screw on this turbofan, and don’t have   a big enough machine to thread center bore.   Then you can ask a mechanic to CNC lath your 4/5 (M12x1.25) lug nut   bolt head Top Center with a M6 or M8 bolt thread hole to    screw on turbofan.   Some times can use wheel stud conversion kit to revise conical seat   wheel bolt for modify to (Example:M12x1.25) lug nut fitmentd.) We had marked all PCD 98 – 130 for 4/5 lug nut holes on the   turbofan center mounting area, so you can drill   those holes PCD vvv x4/5LuNuts that you needed accordingly. Mexa Chiumexa@autopure.com Mexa Co., Ltd.3F., No. 128 Gu Ling Street, Taipei, Taiwan 100Tel.+886 2 2365 7700Fax.+886 2 2365 7702
https://www.taiwanwhite.com/ Mexa Co., Ltd.

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Address:3F., No. 128 Gu Ling Street, Taipei, Taiwan 100
3F., No. 128 Gu Ling Street, Taipei, Taiwan 100


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